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Introducing: Fashion Forward

By Melanie Varela

The ever growing family of clubs at WPHS has just welcomed a new addition. This year alone the student body has introduced over 7 new clubs, including the innovative group Fashion Forward.

Fashion Forward is a club looking to expand the definition of Fashion. When I spoke to Jaylin Slaughter, one of the co-presidents of the club, Jaylin explained that he and the club council were hoping to “start a club that promotes trends, self confidence, and spreading self-beauty.” They wish to use social media to promote positive messages (the original club name was #FashionForward)!

This past December, the club went on a trip to the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in New York City.

The day of the trip everyone showcased their unique styles and posted their favorite photos on Instagram. Before the trip, the group took a few photos outside of the school.

I visited the club the day before the event and everyone was talking about what they would wear as Mr. Sibrizzi, the clubs’ advisor, organized permission slips and their schedule.

Besides trips, the club plans on hosting events of their own. The group is currently planning a “creativity show” for the spring, which will pay tribute to the Jiggy showcase tradition. The theme for this year’s show is “decades”, a celebration of generations of fashion.

When asked about community involvement and how Fashion Forward will add to student life at WPHS, Nicole Estrada of the club’s council explained their plans for the Beauty Bar at the Holiday Bazaar. Jaylin then explained their plans to team up with S.E.E.D (SEED is forum for the discussion of issues including race, class, and sexuality) to collect clothes for the homeless.

At a regular meeting, a student should expect to be asked about their day as they come into the room and get settled the first few minutes. Jaylin says that music is usually playing in the background. At every meeting, they usually speak about the trends of the week, including what clothing pieces they have seen around school and on social media. They also use this time to plan their future events.

Fashion Forward meets every Friday at lunchtime in room B211.

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