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Humans of White Plains

Journalism 1 students selected, interviewed, and photographed interesting members of our community.

Photojournalist: Gaby Maldonado Alvarez

Photojournalist: Shannon Alfonso

Photojournalist: Peri Kahn

Photojournalist: Brianna Lira

Photojournalist: Kayla Brogan

Photojournalist: Ezra Rivel

Photojournalist: Kuzey Sagnak

Photojournalist: Matthew Missett

Photojournalist: Carissa Hazzard

Photojournalist: Pedro Villa

Photojournalist: Makensy Orzuna

Photojournalist: Joey DeMilio

Photojournalist: Maria Herr

Photojournalist: Jenna Rooke

Photojournalist: Edwin Damian

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