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Opinion: How Important is Swimming for Teens?

by Endry Guichardo Sanchez

Some students In WPHS believe that the aquatics program should be eliminated, while others believe It shouldn’t. Turns out it's very important, and I believe they should not eliminate it.

Swimming is a life skill. Swimming is desirable for becoming the best you. Picture this: you're watching as a loved one struggles to get out of the deep end of a pool; they panic, flapping their arms, wailing for help. You stand there, panicking while you watch them die. You wish you would've learned how to swim. Learning how to swim is like learning to ride a bike, once you learn It’s hard to forget it.

The increase of obesity in teenagers has put future generations in danger. This increases the need for sport and physical activity. Swimming is amongst the best exercises in the world, according to the Better Health Channel. It leads to muscle endurance and fat loss. Exercise is needed in order to be a healthy teen, as known worldwide. Instilling these habits in kids to start exercising and improving themselves and their skills would lead to a healthier and happier life later on. It is a full body workout, meaning your entire body would be put into a place of growth and improvement.

Teens go through a lot of stress, and with all the things going on in their lives, it becomes easy to become stressed. Exercises, like swimming, have been proven to decrease stress. Exercise in general increases the pump of endorphins to your brain, meaning your brain would feel good. And if your brain feels good, you feel good, according to Mayo Clinic. American teenagers are the most stressed out age group, according to So who couldn’t use a little bit of endorphins?

The aquatics program In WPHS should definitely not be eliminated. Swimming Is a very Important life skill that could save lives, would make this generation of teens more active resulting In the dear ease of teen obesity, and would help destress this hassled generation of teens.

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