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By Alisha Ahmed

We just finished quarter one, a different and difficult experience for all of us in various ways. It was a struggle for many to finish homework because the work could be confusing. Sometimes students needed extra assistance. The question is, where can students get help when they need it? Here is a list of helpful resources to visit if you have any homework troubles.

1. The WPYB offers tutoring services where college students will work with middle and high school students with their homework and study skills.

2. The White Plains Public Library offers online tutoring services, and all you need is a library card. The hours are 9-10 PM Monday through Friday, and 3-10 PM on the weekends.

3. El Centro Hispano is a great place to get assistance. Some of their opportunities include Manhattanville College, a tutorial program, and Mi Hermana(o) Mayor Saturday Academy. Email them at elcentrohispano1@gmail.com.

4. White Plains Peer Tutors (https://wppeertutors.com) is an amazing place to get tutoring, where students help other students. The steps are simple: pick a subject, get paired up with a tutor, and start a schedule. To get in touch with them you can go to their webpage above or email them at wppeertutors@gmail.com.

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