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Henry Ruggs Continues to Face Consequences After DUI

By: Peri Kahn

Without their coach, the Las Vegas Raiders seem to be falling apart.

On October 11, 2021, the Las Vegas Raiders head coach, John Gruden, resigned from his position. Hundreds of his personal emails containing homophobic and racist comments were uncovered and released to the public, stirring disapproval. At a time in history where this behavior is strongly rejected, Gruden decided to resign before the organization had the chance to fire him.

With their team already in disarray, November 2, 2021, decided to hit the Raiders with another blow to the head. Their star wide receiver, Henry Ruggs III, killed a woman as a result of driving while intoxicated, receiving four charged offenses, one misdemeanor, and most significantly, ending his professional football career. No matter how severe the injuries from the crash, Ruggs would not dare show his face in the NFL again.

While driving his sage green Corvette on Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ruggs had a blood-alcohol content that was twice the Nevada state limit and was driving at 156 mph, creating extremely dangerous situation for anyone in his vicinity.

Ruggs ended up crashing into Tina Tantor’s Rav-4, sending her vehicle into flames. Sadly, Tina died on scene, however investigative officials are still unsure of the specific cause. Tina, an immigrant from Serbia, was loved in her community by her friends and family. She was an animal lover, and computer science enthusiast. She was someone many were devastated to see pass.

Not unscathed himself, Ruggs showed up to court a few days later in a wheelchair and a neck brace. In court, Ruggs faced harsh criticism from the judge who allowed him to remain on house arrest, but with very strict regulations. He had to take four alcohol tests a day, as well as wear a GPS tracking anklet to ensure he remains at his home. If one of the tests came back positive, meaning there were traces of alcohol in his system, the judge would have Ruggs re-arrested.

Amid these punishment, the investigation continues, and information continues to be shared with the public as recent footage has been released of the crash itself.

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