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Hazardous Hallways?

By Chloe Tender

If you attend White Plains High School, you are probably familiar with the huge commotion in most of our large hallways. Some concerns include potential fire hazards and overcrowding anxiety.

Many administrators identify the concept of “walking with a purpose.” They may have a point, but my peers and I believe that a trip from A building to B building is too intense. As if running in gym class were not enough, I find myself running all the way to my math class!

As I run up the stairs, I hear the dreaded sound, the bell. I power-walk down the hall of glass windows, so I don’t look crazy running, and reluctantly open the clearly shut door and enter my classroom feeling terrible and disrespectful to the “do now” that my amazing teacher is commencing.

Moments like these are moments that most WPHS students can relate to. Either we figure out a solution or we keep teachers mad. I suggest an extra minute to get to class, for it is impossible for some to reach their destination in a mere five minutes on the clock. We need change. Let’s make our voices heard.

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