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Ginsberg and Roman: a Dynamic XC Duo

--By Guerdyna Gellin

Freshman Sophie Ginsberg and 8th grader Abigail Roman are the new faces of the cross country team in White Plains, and nothing appears to be stopping them. Roman, coming from a basketball-oriented family, started running in second grade to train for basketball and found that her passion lied in running. Ginsberg found her passion last year while being coached by Coach Owen and Coach Tomici at Highlands Middle School as a seventh grader.  By the first meet of the season at Somers, they both broke the school record previously held by Lisa Burg of 21:10.38, with Ginsberg running 19:46.7 and Roman 20:42.9. When asked how it felt to break a school record, Ginsberg says, “It felt amazing and is a reflection of hard work”. Roman said it was an unexpected moment of pride that reflects her growth in the sport.  The season has just started, and so have these girls. Stay tuned for what else they have in store.

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