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G.O. Hosts "Incredible" Movie Night

By Amber Lau

The WPHS movie night last Friday was a huge success! It was full of school spirit and was so much fun. The recent movie night was organized by our very own General Organization, led by students. They set up a huge screen to show the movie, “The Incredibles” and invited all WPHS students to join. Each class also had their own booths to sell snacks and drinks to raise money for their class! But that wasn’t even the best part – every student that attended got a free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and could also purchase from a Westchester Burger food truck.

One student that attended said, “It was a lot of fun because all the students have not been able to gather all together and it felt great to be back! We’ve been at home for so long, and I think everyone enjoyed being out with their school and friends again!” This was the whole goal of this outdoor event – to get more students getting out of their homes and having fun with their friends!

If you came last Friday, we hope you enjoyed it and had a great time. If you missed this fun event, that’s okay. There will definitely be more opportunities to get involved in the future just like this. Don’t forget to stay updated on all the exciting activities going on in our school!

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