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English Department Offers College Essay Writing Workshop to Seniors

By Sophia Alexandrou

This past Wednesday, October 12, White Plains High School seniors gathered in the library during the PSAT to receive help with their college essays from the English Department faculty.

The Common App essay is one of the most important writing pieces seniors will ever create. While fitting one’s identity into a 650-word essay can be a daunting task, it becomes a bit more manageable with accessible outside help.

Most of those who attended the WPHS workshop were assigned an English teacher to read over their essay and provide suggestions for improvement. For those struggling to begin their essays, there was a section of the workshop dedicated to brainstorming ideas. Students were also invited to stay longer to edit their articles while engaging in productive discussion with other students. One senior said, “This whole college application process has been a lot of work and really stressful but having things like this makes it a lot easier. It makes me feel like I’ll be able to submit an application I’m proud of.”

While applying to college can be an intimidating process, it is nice to know that White Plains High School has our backs.

Ms. Klemstine working with a student on College Essay Workshop Day.

Students collaborating on their essays.

Ms. Reis reads a student's essay while other students collaborate in the background.

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