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Editors' Wrap-Up 2024

by Eva Mandelbaum and Amber Lee

Eva's Message:

When I first joined "The Orange," I could not have possibly imagined the impact it would have on me as a writer and person. My first meeting with "The Orange" was filled with the chaos and confusion of Zoom, and I was terrified to unmute and share my ideas. I vividly remember reading articles on the website the summer before freshman year and feeling certain I would never be able to write anything good enough for "The Orange." Four years (and many articles) later, I wish I could go back and tell my freshman year self that it would be okay; with lots of hard work, I would manage to find myself in an editorial position that I would love. 

"The Orange" has taught me to be curious and has given me reasons to interview those I may never have otherwise gotten to speak to and learn from. It has given me countless unforgettable experiences (a NYC field trip, attending a ribbon cutting ceremony, and interviewing local politicians to name a few). "The Orange" has given me a voice. I could not possibly feel more grateful for Ms. Simmons and Ms. LoScalzo, who have served as not only supportive advisers, but also mentors to me throughout these past 4 years. Whether I decide to go into journalism or something completely different, I will certainly cherish my years with "The Orange" forever.  

Amber's Message:

These past four years of being a part of "The Orange" have taught me so much and have helped guide me through my entire high school experience. When I joined "The Orange" in my freshman year, I remember finding it difficult to speak up at meetings and take on articles that were truly interesting to me. As I grew more confident as a student and writer, I began to feel more comfortable and enjoyed talking and writing about my ideas, school events, and much more. Ms. Simmons, Ms. Loscalzo, and the editors throughout the past few years all helped to build my confidence and guide me through my journey as a member (and later an editor) of "The Orange."  If I hadn’t been a part of "The Orange" these past four years, I would have never had the opportunity to not only improve as a writer and learn more about issues important to me, but also to interview teachers, students, and members of administration. I have learned countless leadership and communication skills during my time on "The Orange," and there is no doubt that I will use these skills throughout my future endeavors. As I prepare to leave WPHS and start a new chapter of my life, I acknowledge that my experience with "The Orange" has been an incredibly special and memorable journey that I will never forget! 

Thank you to Ms. Simmons and Ms. Loscalzo for making "The Orange" such a positive and rewarding experience! 

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