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Cuomo: Some Teams Will Play

Updated: Aug 26

By Sam Keegan

As the country begins to send its youth back to schools, much is up in the air in terms of the safety guidelines that would prevent the spread of Covid-19. School athletics programs face much uncertainty as they try to understand which teams are safe to resume practice and eventually competition.

At his August 24th press conference in Long Island, Governor Cuomo announced that low risk contact sports would be permitted to practice and then compete within their region. The sports deemed low risk are tennis, soccer, cross country, field hockey, and swimming. Higher risk sports that include full-physical contact such as football, wrestling, and ice hockey can practice but cannot play.

WPHS Boys Soccer, 2019 team

Many members of sports teams that have been given the green light to compete in White Plains are excited to be able to have a regular season. Boys Varsity Soccer coach Michael Lambert said, “I'm just excited to see my boys and get back out there in whatever capacity the school deems safe.” Lambert went on to say that he is prepared to take the most precautions possible when it comes to being sanitary with uniforms, balls, and pinnies. As the pandemic continues to shift and evolve, school sports will do the same.

WPHS Boys Soccer Team, 2019


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