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Combat Boredom in Quarantine

By Lauren Azrin

Since we've already had over a month of no school and not being able to go anywhere, you might be bored with this new time on your hands. Here are a few ideas of things to get you busy and ease any boredom.

1. Movies and TV shows

There is a never-ending supply of interesting and entertaining movies and TV shows on so many platforms, and these are great for easing your mind and filling time.

2. Books

Now is a great time to look into some new books that you’d be interesting in reading for pleasure, for both entertainment and as a good way to stimulate your mind.

3. Cooking or baking

These are both fun and rewarding activities that are sure to keep you occupied. There are tons of cool recipes online, and the options are endless for what you can teach yourself to make.

4. Exercise

If you’re feeling bored laying around, exercise is a great way to get your mind on track and to feel rejuvenated. This is also a great time to try new ways of exercising that you hadn’t explored before, like running, biking, or yoga.

5. New music

Music is a great way to distract and relax yourself. There are tons of free music options in every genre on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

6. New Hobbies

This is a great time to pick up things that you have always said you’d want to do if you had more time. Whether that’s learning to play an instrument, picking up knitting, or teaching yourself how to skateboard, now is a great time to do it!

I hope this list helps you find something to do when the boredom hits. Although being at home all the time can feel bothersome, there are so many ways to seize this opportunity to discover new things that you enjoy and that make you happy.

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