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Coach Mayfield Retires From WPHS

By Saumya Sawant

Coach Spencer Mayfield, known to his students as Coach Mayfield, or simply, ‘Coach,’ is retiring from White Plains High School after 29 years of teaching as a Physical Education Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach. Besides teaching, he has also formerly been a scout for the NBA. Some of his biggest contributions to White Plains and the surrounding community include leading White Plains to its first Class A State Championship, starting the Harry Jefferson Showcase (a tournament that will mark its 30th year anniversary in 2023) as well as continuing to inspire and encourage his students/players on a daily basis. In addition to this, he has been nominated as Coach of the Year eight times, and more recently, was honored for winning his 400th game.

At WPHS, he says his fondest memories “...are always when former students come back from college and share their thoughts about how WPHS has impacted their life.” As for his proudest moments, he states that he doesn’t have one, since he is “...most proud seeing students have success reaching their goals while overcoming challenges in life.”

Besides coaching and basketball, Mr. Mayfield also enjoys reading, music, working out, traveling to the beach, and being a life learner. His advice to students is to, “Always be yourself and don’t block your blessings with negative thoughts.”

When asked what White Plains means to him, Coach Mayfield says “The world…I have always been proud to say I teach and coach at White Plains High School,” proving true the saying "once a Tiger, always a Tiger." White Plains High School will also miss Coach Mayfield. Thanks to inspiring teachers and coaches like him, White Plains is and will continue to be a better place for the leaders of tomorrow to grow.

Photo Credits: Peter Carr, The Journal News

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