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Clubs: The Heart and Soul of White Plains High School

Compiled by Coleen Cave and Alisha Ahmed

Below you will find a list of all the clubs and groups White Plains High School has to offer. Please contact the club advisor via email or send a Remind message if you'd like to join.

Academic Challenge

Club Advisor: Erick Larson

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 3:00 pm

If you love trivia shows like Jeopardy, then try out for Academic Challenge! This team competes in W.A.C.K.O (Westchester Academic Challenge of Knowledge Organization) tournaments and the Omar Q Beckens tournament (MAR). Winners qualify for the National Tournament at the end of the year. Everyone is welcome to try out!

Advocates for the Earth

Club Advisor: Paul Davis

Meetings: Thursdays @ 2:45pm

With the struggle of Global Warming and the battle for clean energy, this club is trying to make a change and help the environment. Activities are both in school and in the community, and include the annual Earth Day celebration, field trips, storm drain painting, and guest speakers.

Asian Club

Club advisor: Esther Lee-Huh

Meetings: Tuesdays @ 4:00pm

Everyone is welcome to join the Asian club to help engage and educate others in culture and concerns regarding Asia and Asian Americans. Members run Asian-themed programs and activities for others, engage with Asian themed events in the community as a whole, and participate in school-wide events and community service projects.

Black Awareness

Club advisor: Monique Adams

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 4:00pm

The mission of the Black Awareness Club is “to provide an environment which encourages discussions and activities to the African American population at White Plains High School.” The club strives to develop philosophies and values that promote equality and benefit the community and club members.

Advisors are looking for those willing to get involved in their graduating class! Officers and Senators are needed to plan events and get involved. Have a say, contact advisors to join now! (Advisors for each year listed below)

Class of 2024

Club Advisors: Brittany Miller & Sarah Tom

Meetings: Tuesdays @ 3pm

Remind: @WPHS2024

Class of 2023

Club Advisors: Rebecca Doherty & Samantha Gerhardt

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 7:15

Class of 2022

Club Advisor: Patricia Gilmartin

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 7:15

Class of 2021

Club Advisor: Jenice Richardson

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 11:45

French Club

Club Advisor: Karine Sands

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 11:45

The mission of the French club is to promote French culture through planning various activities for members to museums, theatre, and participating in community service projects. The club also offers scholarships to graduating seniors.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Club Advisors: Leslie Pierdra and Erik Larson

When: Every Wednesday at 1pm

The GSA’s purpose is to make White Plains High School a safe and welcoming place for every student regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The club raises awareness of issues impacting members and creating an accepting environment for everyone throughput the school. Everyone is welcome!

Italian Club

Club Advisors: Joseph Spedaliere & Gandolfo Scarpa

The Italian Club engages members in a wide variety of activates to foster and enhance an appreciation for Italian culture at White Plains High School and in the community. Everyone is welcome to join regardless if you study or are Italian!

Jazz Band

Club Advisor: Zach May

Meetings: Tuesdays @5:00pm

If you love or have an interest in learning Jazz, Latin and funk music in a Big Band setting, consider trying out for Jazz Band! The band performs at school concerts, both community and school district events, and reginal dance festivals. Additionally, there is also a highly selective Jazz Combo that rehearses an additional time each week and performs more frequently.

Key Club

Club Advisor: Linda Woodward

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 11:45am

Remind: WPHSKC20

Key Club is a community service organization that provides students with opportunities that foster leadership and taking initiative, serve both the school and community, and encourage teamwork.

Latino Coalition Club Marching Band

Club Advisor: Ana DeCastro

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 2:45pm

This club strives to promote unity and awareness of various Latino cultures throughout WPHS. Members participate in activities such as assemblies, forums, special events, publications, and dances.

Mariachi Band

Club Advisor: Zach May

Meetings: Tuesdays @ 3:00pm (beginners)

Thursdays @ 5:00pm (advanced)

The Mariachi Band is a student musical group in WPHS that celebrates Latin American cultures by performing traditional music from a variety of Latin cultures. Rehearsals are twice a week, and performances at school and community events are frequent. The group includes trumpet, violin, vihuela, guitar, guitarron, and singers. Anyone is welcome to try out.

Midnight Run

Club Advisor: Jessica Floridia

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 3:00pm

The purpose of the Midnight Run Club is to help people and the community by organizing food and clothing drives, and work with the AFYA foundation. The club works to spread awareness about delivering medical supplies and help across the globe, homelessness and hunger in the community, and other volunteer opportunities. Activities in this club include volunteering at food pantries and soup kitchens, collecting food for our school food pantry, raising money for homeless shelters, organizing materials collected at food and clothing drives, and working with other organizations to help those in need.

National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Club Advisor: Jessica Jordon

Meetings: Thursdays @ 3:00pm

Being a member of NHAS is based on art scholarship, service, and character. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum art scholarship average of B can be inducted. To join you must be nominated and have your art portfolio reviewed by NHAS members and art faculty. Club activities include member art exhibits, induction ceremony, art workshops, gallery and museum trips, portfolio preparation, and research about art careers.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Club Advisors: Kara Ross & Elizabeth Coppola

The NHS inducts students in their junior and senior year, and it’s mission is to foster leadership, help students push for scholarships, and develop character. Members must uphold the civic, ethical, scholastic, and extra-curricular standards set by the school and community both in and out of school. Members are recognized as leaders and exemplars.

The Orange

Club Advisors: Marlena Simmons and Gia Loscalzo

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 2:00pm

Remind: @fked934

If you’re interested in journalism or writing, join the school’s student run newspaper. The Orange publishes monthly about various issues in both the school, community, and world. Meetings are weekly and everyone is welcome!

Orchestra/Honors Strings

Club Advisor: Zach May

Meetings: Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

The Honor Strings Ensemble is a highly selective extracurricular orchestra open to violinists, violists, cellists, bassists, and those who have passed an audition into the WPHS Symphony Orchestra. Rehearsals are once a week in the evening. The group performs in school district events, at local hospitals and nursing homes.


Club Advisors: Michael Chiariella and Miranda DeMella

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 5:00pm

Remind: @WPHSRoar

Anyone interested in writing and art in various forms is welcome to submit work to the ROAR, a student run literary and art magazine. Members participate in selecting submissions and producing the layout for publication.


Club Advisor: Wendy Dale

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 3:00pm

SEED’s mission is to create a place to discuss issues that affect everyone. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to, gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. Activities include, reading articles, watching videos, listening to guest speakers, attending the annual “Eliminating Racism” overnight at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center, fundraising for charities, and an end of the year gathering. All students, teachers, and administrators of WPHS are welcome.


Club Advisor: Dennis Polanco

Meetings: Thursdays @ 3:00pm

Remind: @a6k2ce

Those looking to hone their song writings skills and work to diversify music in WPHS should join the Songwriters Club. Members meet to study music, share, and collaborate with others. Students will perform in annual cover and original songwriters showcases.

Step Team

Club Advisor: Donell Cabell

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 11:45pm

The WPHS Step Team (The Royalty Steppers) is a club for students who would enjoy dancing and performing around the community. The team performs at functions for the Youth Bureau, the Slater Center, Churches, and step competitions. All students are welcome!

Theater Unlimited

Club Advisor: Seren Cepler

Theatre Unlimited is WPHS’s theater club, and is in charge of producing the school’s plays and musicals. The club is open for anyone interested in directing, designing, performing in, and running shows. The club is also for stage crew, those who help set up the stage, create sets, and work lights and sound during shows. Members will also be given the opportunity to experience theatre outside of school by seeing shows and participating in workshops.

Talent Show

Club Advisors: Chad Allen & Dennis Polanco


Club Advisors: Gina Sahakian & Barbara Penasso

Meetings: Mondays @ 2:45pm

The Oracle is WPHS’s yearbook. This student run organization plans and produces the yearbook that’s published every year and distributed in June. Anyone interested is welcome.

Wonder Women

Club Advisor: Lauren Lowenhaupt & Tahesha Jackson

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 4:00pm

Wonder Women Club’s mission is to promote gender equality and create opportunities for women everywhere. Members will examine issues and concerns women face across the globe and help create a respectful and welcoming environment in WPHS. Anyone interested in gender equality and feminism regardless of gender identity is welcome to join.

Writer’s Den

Advisor: Seren Cepler

The Writer’s den is a wonderful club to join if one of your passions is writing. This club is a place to freely write about anything that is on your mind. All types of writing are welcome.

The Video Game

Advisor: Elizabeth Coppola & Kara Ross

The Video Game club sounds fun on its own. This club is a fascinating way to have some fun with your


Students for Refugees

Advisor: Katherine Esswein

When: Wednesdays

Time: 12:00-12:30 PM

Remind: 81010 @WPSFR

Instagram: wpstudentsforrefugees

Schoology Code: ZGS4-CKS4-XBS3T

The Student for Refugees is a group that educates people throughout Westchester County on refugees. This club also does fundraising and is welcome to everyone.

Students for Change

Advisor: Omar Sheriff

When: Wednesdays

Time: 12 PM

Schoology Code: M37H-SX87-F2BHS

The students for change are a group is a wonderful and diverse community welcoming all types of students. Each week the club will talk about a different topic such as climate change, racial injustice, climate change, gender equality, and more.

Science Research

Advisor: Kim Fleming

When: Mondays

Time: 3:00-3:30 via ZOOM

Schoology: 37VQ-F8Q2-5QQDH

Science Research is a group where there is appreciation for science. The club will have trips and guest lectures from the National Sciences Foundation. The club sponsors the Annual SR Symposium and local Symposia.


Advisor: Sue Murphy

The SADD club raises awareness of how alcohol and drugs can affect your life. The club promotes healthy alternatives and supply prevention activities.

Peer Impact

Advisor: Caitlin Leon

The Peer Impact is a place where students talk to each about their problems and help each other.


Advisor: David Crino

This club is for students who have an interest in going into the medical field. The club has monthly guest speakers from EMT’s, Medical Researchers, Physicians, Surgeons, and more.


Advisor: Elizabeth Coppola & Kara Ross

The Library group plans unique events, write for the Library Blog, and make suggestions for books and media. The club meets on Wednesday at 2:35 PM. If you would like to join pleas talk to either Ms. Coppola or Ms. Ross. They can be found in the Library.

Knots 4 Cancer

Advisor: Sissi Johnson

When: Wednesdays

Time: 2:30 PM

Remind: @knots4c at 81010

The Knots 4 Cancer club is a place where discuss their feelings about cancer and how they have been affected from it personally and mentally. The club also makes bracelets and cards. All purchases toward bracelets go toward caner fundraisers and the cards go to cancer patients. The club also gives out community service hours.

Graphic Novel

Advisor: Amy Estersohn

When Friday

Where: ZOOM

Time: 2-2:30 PM

Remind: @gc20c20 to 81010

The Graphic Novel Club is a place where student can freely express themselves and create stories. It is also a place where peers can socialize and not feel pressures of online schooling.

Freedom Fighters

Advisor: Paul Davis

Freedom Fighters is a place to show gratitude toward men and women who risk their own lives for the U.S.A. The club aids those heroes by charity work and fundraisers. The club informs students throughout monthly discussions

Digital Art

Advisor: Brain Wintersteen

When: Tuesdays

Time: 3:15 – 4:00 PM

Schoology: XNB4-JK73-SQK38

Digital Art is open to any kids who want to explore Digital Art techniques. It will be running as “open studio time”. They can work on independent projects and can get feedback by their peers.

Debate Team

Advisor: Paul Davis

The Debate team is where students can engage in civil discourse and develop important thinking skills and hear different opinions on assorted topics.

Book Club

Advisor: Elizabeth Coppola & Kara Ross

The book group read a book of their choice together and talk about their favorite authors and genres. They discuss new books and old.


Advisor: Siobhan Flanagan

The astronomy club talks about cosmic events and outer space phenomena. They also talk about human achievements in space exploration.

Sci-Fi Club

Advisor: Jennifer DeGraphenreed

When: Tuesdays

Time: 2:45 PM

Remind: @dk6kk7 at 81010

The Sci-fi Club is made to create a comfortable and fun environment for students to learn and discuss literature, film, and other cultural aspects of the science fiction genre. The students will have more experience by film, field trips, museums, exhibitions, and analytical discuss. To learn more about this club click here.

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