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Clubs Draw New Members at Club Fair

by Alisha Ahmed

Starting this year, on the last Thursday of every month, a new schedule will be put in effect with "Tiger Community Time" being held between third and fourth period. During this time, students can ask teachers for help with their schoolwork, socialize with friends, and attend the events that are being hosted by clubs. In September, the club fair was held during that time, and all of the school clubs had a showcase by the auditorium and the gym circle. Students had the opportunity to browse the tables at the club fair, learn more about the groups, and discover how to get involved. This was a great experience for all WPHS students to see what the school offers and how they can become involved with extracurriculars that align with their interests.

Although the club fair provided a great opportunity for students to join organizations and get involved at school, there were differing views on how it should be managed. The club fair looked to be a popular choice among students as a means to learn more about Tigertivities, but many students believed it could have been executed more effectively.

One eleventh grader voiced, "There were a lot of clubs which gave me many opportunities to try new things, but it was too crowded.” Another eleventh grader stated, “I think the club fair was a great way to get a sense of the WPHS community and all of the opportunities the high school has to offer especially for freshmen, but it was a little chaotic since so many students crowded one space. I think if the next Tiger Activity is outside, it can be even more enjoyable for the WPHS community!”  A freshman student gave their opinion by saying, “It was an easy way to join clubs, but the atmosphere was congested.” The majority of peers, according to their perspectives, believed the club fair was a fine event, but that it was too crowded and difficult to navigate to all the tables.

Regardless of the club fair’s setting, it is reasonable to say that overall it was a success, as many clubs were able to present their clubs to their classmates. Additionally, students were able to explore all of the available activities that our high school offers and were able to discover how they can become associated with the clubs that piqued their interest.

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