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Class of '24 Update

By Leah Dennis

The Class of 2024 recently completed the Double Good popcorn sale, in which students did a great job raising money. Right now, we are working on planning the Powder Puff football game which will be held on November 29. Students from the Junior class and Senior class will compete in a friendly game of flag football. If you are interested in participating as a player or coach, make sure to attend our interest meeting this Thursday the 10th in room G121 and keep an eye out for a flyer on our Remind (@wphs24). The winning team will get a pizza prize and bragging rights! It will cost $5, but participants can look forward to Powder Puff t-shirts at the event.

In addition to this exciting competition, the officers have been working on starting various committees. We are selling coffee to teachers every Monday with our brand new cart. If students want to get involved, they can help prepare and deliver coffee during fifth or sixth period every Monday. Also, the fundraising committee is hoping to be meeting after school on Fridays to work on new ways to raise money for the Junior and Senior prom, as well as to sell merchandise. We are also excited to be starting a Junior Prom planning committee for students who would like to be involved in choosing decorations, food and more. For students who have not yet signed up to be part of a committee but are interested in helping out, reach out to the officers/advisors on the Class of 2024 Remind.

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