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Class of 2025 has an Exciting Year Planned

By Jack Reidy

The Class of 2025 is looking forward to a great year. Our officers have been meeting regularly to plan events and fundraisers that will make our four years here at WPHS awesome.

The officers are an amazing group of people who are dedicated to our class. They are:

  • Presidents, Lance Anthony and Sydney Brumberg,

  • Vice Presidents, Maria Gracia Leyva and Joyce Olivia,

  • Secretaries, Ella Kincheloe and Emily Portillo,

  • Treasurers, Jack Reidy and Holly Hormtrakul,

  • G.O Representatives, Jesse Aragon, Allison Medina Vargas, and Jonathan Camacho Rodiles,

  • Publicist Samantha Hance and Isabella Henriquez,

  • Fundraising Committee members, Shalyssa Mantock and Grace Flores, and

  • Holiday Committee members, Isabella Mittag and Camila Cruces.

Every member of this group wants to help the freshmen class and give them an amazing high school experience; however, we need your help. Our advisor, Ms. Simmons has been sending out information about fundraisers. When you hear about a fundraiser or about an event, please try and support, and if you cannot, then encourage others to do so. This class can only do good things if everyone helps. We all know that last year was very different because of the virus. We lost events and could not all be with each other. This is the year we can get back to normal and enjoy our school year without such great caution. Remember, the class of 2025 officers can only help you if you help us.

We are currently running two fundraisers that need your family's support.

The other fundraiser we are running is our holiday wreath sale. Please visit the Class of 2025 Schoology page to download the flyer for this fundraiser.

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