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Class of 2024 Update

By Leah Dennis

March 3, 2023

WHITE PLAINS--This past month the Junior Class Government had their Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Kit Sale, which went very well. A number of students and staff had treats delivered to a friend, teacher, or themselves.

Additionally, during the Valentines Day Bazaar the sale of junior prom tickets began. Tickets are available to be purchased during lunch periods until March 10th. The stand will be outside room G-001 (athletic corridor). Be sure to bring the permission form and $45 in cash. Junior Prom will be March 24th from 6:30-9:30, so make sure to save the date! The theme is midnight masquerade, so students are encouraged to bring hand-held masks (keep an eye out for a sale to purchase one).

With prom preparations and ticket sales, Mocha Mondays will be briefly paused, but should start up again next month. Any questions or concerns can be brought to the Class of 2024 officers or advisors, Mrs. Feeney and Ms. Tom.

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