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Boys Varsity Swim Ends the Season on a High Note

Olivia Tuzel

If there is any sport that lies in the category of being especially difficult in the winter, swimming would certainly be a candidate. Being mentally and physically prepared to spend two hours in freezing water is something that not many can muster the willpower to do.

However, the boys on the WPHS Boys Varsity Swim Team have proven that they have the strength to jump in without looking back. For more than two months, they all soared through the water and dropped time despite the challenges that stood in the way. With the winter season nearing its end, head swim coach, Coach Gilmartin is reflecting on the team's achievements.

“We’ve had our ups and downs,” Coach Gil said. “We’ve faced difficulties with illnesses, but the boys continued to push through and make their mark. Our potential truly became clear to us all when we beat the top team in the division… it was a wonderful and motivating moment for us all.”

The captains for the 2022-2023 season were Vinn Nguyen, Mason Kincheloe, Aaron Levy, Stefan Camaj and Jack Cannone. Captains Vinn Nguyen and Mason Kincheloe expressed how the season was going back in January.

“The swim season has been going swimmingly. We had a fantastic turnout in the number of boys who wanted to be on the team this year and so far, every one of them has been exceeding expectations,” Vinn said. “From coming to practice on time to wearing appropriate dress clothes on away meets to even raising money for the team through R & D, all the boys on the team have continued to persevere in the sport that we love.”

“We’ve seen a lot of growth from the top all the way down, starting with our juniors and seniors making time drops and helping us compete now, as well as the newer sophomores and freshmen developing themselves for future years,” Mason said. “We’ve dealt with a lot of sickness this year as a team… still, I think for the most part, we’ve really been able to persevere through that and really cement ourselves as competitors for the division title this year.”

Whether it is in the pool or in school, the boys bonded with one another and formed friendships capable of lasting longer than the four years spent in high school. They have found ways to connect through practices and meets, finding light in moments where exhaustion can easily take over.

“The chemistry of the team is outstanding,” Vinn said. “In my captaincy election speech, I proclaimed that the singular most important reason why I have joined the swim team is that I cherish the uplifting community this swim team fosters. From fostering inter-grade friendships to overall team camaraderie, I would not be who I am without the love and support of all my teammates, coaches, and managers… We all support each other through arduous practices, cheer for each other during swim meets, and uplift each other to grow as swimmers and as friends.”

“Many view swim as an individual sport, but on this team, it is most definitely a team sport,” Mason said. “Everyday we work to keep each other improving and getting faster, and that can be seen especially on Saturdays when we work with some of the lower lanes to teach them the same lessons our seniors taught us years ago. I have been on the team for four years now and I can safely say there is not a more welcoming and connected community I have felt at this school.”

Some of the talented swimmers on the team made their way to Divisionals, including Keegan Murray, who received third place in diving. Coach Gil, Coach Fahey and Coach Eller all agree that they are extremely proud of all of the boys and couldn’t be happier for them.

Clearly, being on the swim team has positively impacted the lives of many swimmers and altered their high school experience for the better. From the friends made from being a part of the team to the hard work done to improve times, the 2022-2023 swim season was one to remember. The season has left swimmers, coaches, and managers with irreplaceable memories. The Orange congratulates the swimmers on the WPHS Boys Swim Team for working so hard, and wishes all seniors the best of luck in the future!

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