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AVID Alumni Visit 9th Graders

Four members of the Class of 2017 AVID Cohort visit the 9th grade elective classes to share the good, bad, and ugly about college life after WPHS

December 22, 2017--Four members of the district's first graduating class of AVID seniors came back to visit before the holiday break to impart their wisdom on the students in the 9th grade AVID cohorts.

Chris Arbo, Nicole Escobedo, and Aylin and Arleth Lagunas (pictured below) shared their first-semester college experiences with the students. The students are all majoring in a different areas, so they were able to answer lots of questions from a curious AVID 9 group. Arbo is studying civil engineering, Escobedo is studying nursing, Aylin Lagunas is studying fashion design, and Arleth Lagunas is a criminal justice major. The graduates shared lots of information about college life, including the demanding course work, unforgiving professors, and challenging schedules. The students in the panel also spoke about the classes in high school that they feel are helping them be successful in college. Overall, the panel provided students with a lot of great information that they will use in the future as they set their sights on an institution of higher learning.


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