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Athlete Spotlight: Julia Reggio

By Jillian Pope


Julia Reggio has been a three-season varsity athlete in each of her years at White Plains High School. She excels at soccer and lacrosse, but she is truly a standout athlete on the basketball court. She has been influenced by basketball her whole life, but officially started her basketball career in 3rd grade. Her passion and skill quickly landed her a spot on the highly competitive select AAU Lady Bears basketball team in 4th grade. With Reggio as their point guard, the team went to Nationals in Tennessee and finished 13th in the nation

Driven to rise to the top of her game, Reggio continued her training with the East Coast Panthers in 6th grade and continues to play for the Panthers. Reggio has proven to be a valuable asset to every team that she has been on due to her talent, work ethic, and determination. Her outstanding abilities on the court, caught the attention of the White Plains High School coaches, and she was pulled up to the junior varsity basketball team as a 7th grader and was subsequently pulled up to the varsity team for the play off games that year. Julia has been a starter on the varsity team since her 8th grade year.

Reggio is a great athlete, student, and role model for her teammates. She is a valued leader and teammate on the court. Reggio is future focused and aspires to continue her basketball career in college. “Basketball has completely changed my life,” says Reggio. “It’s demanding, it’s hard, especially when you are forced to manage playing on a varsity team and completing your schoolwork off the court. It has definitely taught me time management skills that I will have for the rest of my life.”

According to Reggio, playing for tough coaches has helped her to grow as a player but has also caused her to grow up fast and to develop her strong focused mental state. Reggio is very close to reaching her one-thousand points as a varsity girls’ basketball athlete. She has recently has reached her career-high of 34 points in the team’s victory over Mt. Vernon with a final score of 63 to 57. She is truly one of White Plains High School’s brightest star athletes.

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