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Amid Covid Crisis, Uncertain Road Ahead for Juniors

By Melanie Schwartz

Covid-19: a virus that has taken away something from everyone. Whether it’s a taking away a job or an event, this pandemic is affecting the lives of people of all ages. On the high school level, every grade is missing out on something important, especially juniors and seniors.

Seniors are sad and disappointed. They are missing out on the most memorable time of their high school experience. After working hard for four years, this time is supposed to be where they reflect, laugh, and celebrate their accomplishments. Instead, they are at home, unable to see anyone. Graduation and prom, two of the most significant events, are up in the air, and no one knows for sure what is going happen.

Juniors, on the other hand, are stressed and concerned. The college process is so unknown at the moment; students don’t know how to continue. Cathy Stanton, a junior at White Plains High School, says, “the current situation leaves high school juniors largely in the dark. In any normal year, students applying to colleges and universities can look to older friends or siblings who have gone through the process for help. This year, though, students face inabilities to visit schools and even take standardized tests – things that older friends or siblings can no longer provide advice on. Besides not being able to look to others for advice, juniors are largely unsure about where they should be applying in the fall. Standardized tests usually give clear-cut idea of what their reach, target, and safety schools are.” Cathy is not the only one who feels this way. Numerous students across the country are confused about the college process.

Although it is clear that this situation is most devastating to the class of 2020, it is certainly a confusing time for the class of 2021, as well. Precisely how the Covid crisis will continue to affect college admissions procedures is uncertain, and only time will tell.

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