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Action Required: Save Our WPHS Tree!

By Eva Mandelbaum

Picture this: it’s an absolutely perfect day out, and you find yourself in the courtyard at White Plains High School. Whether it be because you’re cutting through to get to class or are sitting and enjoying your lunch, you can probably picture the idyllic and blissful nature scene; a break of peace during your busy day. One of the most prominent features of our beloved courtyards is the trees, but especially one Japanese Elm that stands out as truly beautiful. This Japanese Elm that changes with the seasons (from gorgeous purple flowers in the summer to icy winter frost) has been a member of the White Plains High School nature scene for over 30 years, if not more.

Heartbreakingly, there are plans to remove this long-time White Plains High School resident. Members of Advocates for the Earth, a club at White Plains High School, have plans to change this, though, and you can help too. Mr. Davis, the advisor of Advocates for the Earth, shared his passion for this Japanese Elm. “This is our own backyard for those of us who are North House teachers, and it has been a part of all of our homes away from homes for as long as we’ve been here (this is my 23 year) and on many different occasions I would go out and sit underneath the tree,” He explained. “The lounges for the world language department and social studies department overlook this tree, so it’s something that we’re fond of, something that has changed over the seasons.” Mr. Davis is not the only one who is fond of this specific tree, but it has served as shade, comfort, and a sense of familiarity for many students and staff.

The Japanese Elm Tree is set to be cut down for irrigation purposes, which is not a dire reason. This news came out within the past few weeks, and no one has seemed to do anything about it. This is where you come in! The Advocates for the Earth Club started a petition, and you have the power to help us keep our special tree. Please take a moment to save the life of a well-loved tree by simply clicking on this link and signing:

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