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2025’s Plan for Q4 and How You Can Help

By Jack Reidy

The Class of 2025 had one last big fundraiser for this year, the Loucks games on May 11th. During the Loucks games from 3 p.m. - 9 p.m., the Class of 2025 sold empanadas, Duck Donuts, hot pretzels, lemonade, and more delicious items for all who attended to enjoy.

Every sophomore at the high school should know that supporting the Class of 2025 is what they need to do if they want a great junior prom, senior prom, and senior trip. If you are free at the end of the day on Thursdays, then come to C126 for our meetings and share your voice for the class. If you cannot go to our meetings, then you can still support the class by buying from our fundraisers or by just promoting them to others.

The Class of 2025 has passed its goal of $10,000, but we still need to raise more to give the entire class amazing proms and a great trip. Whether it was by volunteering for the class and helping out, purchasing something from any of our fundraisers, or promoting the class to others, thank you to anyone who has supported the class. The Class of 2025 promises that with your support you will have great proms and an amazing class trip.

Jack Reidy is the co-treasurer of the Class of 2025.

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